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Remplacer le mot NON en anglais

Voici 70 façons de dire non autrement. Vous pouvez vous en servir pour jouer au fameux jeu du Ni oui ni non. Je vous laisse les découvrir dans cette vidéo.

Contenu de la vidéo:

Vous y trouverez le mot ou la phrase en anglais ainsi que sa traduction en français.


  • Neh / Nah
  • Mm mm / Uh uh
  • Nope
  • I don’t
  • Never
  • Not possible
  • No way
  • Not likely
  • Not this time
  • Not really
  • By no means
  • Nothing of the kind
  • Not at all
  • Of course not
  • Sure not
  • Absolutely not
  • Certainly not
  • Unfortunately not
  • Indeed not
  • Thanks but no thanks
  • Not for me thanks
  • It’s not my thing
  • I think I’ll pass
  • I’m not interested
  • I’m all set
  • I can’t
  • If only i could
  • I’d love to but i can’t
  • I don’t think i want to
  • I would if i could but i can’t
  • I wish i were able to
  • I believe i wouldn’t fit the bill, sorry
  • I’m not the girl for you on this one
  • If only i had a clone
  • If only it worked
  • I wish i could make it work
  • I hate it
  • I prefer…
  • Sorry
  • I’m afraid i can’t
  • I really shouldn’t
  • I shall not
  • not today
  • not now
  • Maybe another time
  • Another time might work
  • No thanks, I have an other commitment
  • Apologies, i have something else
  • Unfortunaletly, It’s not a good time
  • I’m slammed
  • I am at the end of my rope right now so have a raincheck
  • I’m honored but i can’t
  • I think not
  • I don’t think so
  • I believe not
  • I don’t believe so
  • I guess not
  • I don’t guess so
  • I disagree
  • I beg to differ
  • I can’t agree with you
  • I don’t share your opinion
  • I couldn’t agree with you less
  • I’d say exactly the opposite
  • That’s wrong
  • That’s not always the case
  • Let’s not and say we did
  • I’ll need to bow out

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